The Prophet Yeshua who wrote the new quran, used for islamic reform disguised as judgement day

The Prophet Yeshua - Islamic Reform - Judgement Day

Quran restored

Hajj: The Holy city of Istanbul; الروم

Umrah: The Holy city of Karachi, Pakistan: Isaiah:40-end

Qibla: Hagia Sophia: Revelation of John

Israel:  ال اسرا

Requirements for quran translations:

1. Correct

2. Pacifying

3. Void of superstition

When I was 14 I was told I resembled Wim Duisenberg at that age by a teacher who used to be friends with him at that age. I decided I wanted to become the “Einstein of psychology”. In 1995 I invented specialisation in CGI in order to be able to make a “moving 3d painting”. I figured it would also lead to 3d graffiti, which it did.

I had been told the quran was not understood. I memorised 11 short chapters of the quran in 2000 and at the end of 2006 I could sort of figure out what it was supposed to mean. I picked up a dictionary to check my suspicions, which turned out to be correct.

I made a psychological model in 2009.

During the peak of ISIS in 2014, I started reforming islam. People have been telling me I’m Jesus since grade school, so I am using that to make some changes. The reforms are currently supported by one in six muslims, which would equate to 300 million today. Currently the counter is over 600k on facebook.


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New quran, islamic reform - judgement day

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