This is the way I went about translating the quran:

Surah Nasr goes like this:

itha jaa nasru allahu wa alfathu

waraayta alnasi yedkhuloone fee deeni Allahi afwajan

fesebbih bihamdi rabbike waistarghfirhu innehu kana tevvaban

“fesebbih bihamdi rabbike” goes something like: “xxx with praises yyy”. That implies yyy is the reader.

“istaghfirhu” means: make use of forgiveness. In the regular quran interpretations, muslims have to ask for it. In mine, there is no need to ask.

The result:

When breasts serve Allah and the disclosure
and consider the people entering then obedience of Allah in crowds
then go with praises seeker and be forgiven being strong in repenting.

Surah masad goes like this:

tebbet yeda abee lehebbin watabb
ma aghna anhu maluhu wa ma kasab
seyasla nazan(*) zataa lahab
waimratuhu hammalat al hadab
fee jeediha hablun min masad

* a dot is missing in the regular Arabic. Copy error.

This sounds like a melancholic poem. After checking a dictionary, the result is:

She aged enabling herbage thirsty and aged
which abundantly presented itself and which laboured
intending to force water from the ground from thirst
And it had to be picked so she carried the firewood
on her gracious neck bound from travelling

Some chapters start with “Alif Lam Miim”.

Most Arabic words are conjugated from a three-letter root. If I look up ‘alm’ in the dictionary it seems to mean: “Painful”



Smiling Allah the caring the next of kin

the praised Allah possessing the knowledge

the caring, the next of kin

owning times of passing

numerously we obey and numerously people individualize

delusional is the way of the superficial (actual wording is silver-coated)

way of pleasure is leading a pleasant life - our nobility feeding the sick, our nobility and not the despicable

Al Kafiroona:

Few show kindness to the veiled

Not withholding which she withholds

And not repelled by withholder which withholds

And not are complaints withheld by which withholds

and not repelled by withholder which withholds

Hurts your way and an elegant way it is


Few strive for Allah to be made one

Allah is the besought

Not overcome, and not begotten

And not concealed due to those for whom sufficed one

Al Felaq

Few confide in fostering the separation

from wicked which is measured

and from wicked darkness when advancing

and from wicked of the inspiration lacking power

and from wicked enviers when envying


Few confide in fostering of the people

managing the people

protecting the people

from wicked, the whisperer, the drawn back

Delightfully the whispered then reflects the people

from the hidden and the people


I'm attaining the riches

both challenges and greatest thoroughness

It is bad that you pursue striving for poverty


Silence - delightful - mistaken with the passing (death)

sole pressing - delightful - repelled the misfortune

and not cut off, meanwhile taste the judging

then raining on rejoyceful drinkers

their delight is apparent from their fair, plentiful, and hasty acts of disobedience

their delight is severe

and bestowed is assistance to the [place of assistance]


Elegantly endure quraish

Their enduring of  vices the scattered and the abiding

Investigating serving, establishing lessening of the waking hours

Delighted at their being fed from longing and their security from fears

Al Fil

painfully parted ways suffered confoundedness with my companion the defeat

painfully made our deception then concealed ourselves

and had to calm down our nobility all of them in preparation

their arrogance with preventing from pouring forth (writing opinion)

their panicking prevention destroyed my place of fatigue (sleep)

Al Humaza

Woe was to the weak repelling blame

delightfully gathering into an assembly

being honoured verily living long

making safe to not be cast out for the old and weak

and which you have to know when being the old and weak

intelligent Allah the ingenious

Averting you rose over the cowards

deferring our nobility taking refuge

then sought after gains

Al Asr

And the pressing

whereafter the people repaired deviation

isn't it delightful, they felt safe and abided, the righteous, and became seeing with the necessity and became seeing with the restraint

Al Qadr

When gained wealth is insufficient then wish the sum

And which is perceived when wishing the sum

Wishing the sum is better than keeping to calling it evil

Likewise pass along to the angels and the wind to mention with gentleness their authority to adorned kings

safe from regrettable destruction lengthening the division

Al Inshirah

Painfully blamed excused myself confounded

and relinquished presented myself burdened

delightful to have to pick out the faults that became manifest

and elevated it excused myself remembering

then when at the same time the pressure being fruitive

when at the same time the pressure being fruitive

then when unoccupied I had to mention my art

and became confounded then had to humble myself

If my Quran translation gives you blackouts and fear attacks, you may have autism and have trouble with change. Please consult a qualified psychiatrist.

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