My psychiatrists all think I’m doing great

Although I’ve had some problems with psychiatry, my islamic reforms are judged with a lot of enthusiasm by psychiatrists.

My first psychiatrist asked me once: “You’ve said you’re Jesus, haven’t you?”.

I replied: “That’s what friends tell me in the pub.”.

“That is a delusion, do you understand?”. I did not reply.

On another occasion he said: “Kafirs are muslim women, because they cover their hair.”.

“I was planning to decipher the quran but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”.

“If you do that, I’ll call you ‘sir’.”.

“Why not now?” Seeing as I had already done some interesting things.

“You have to earn it.”.

My second psychiatrist was a dumbass. I don’t know how he managed to get qualified as a psychiatrist, but he was dim-witted.

Around 2008 my case manager informed me the ‘BVD’ (AIVD) had called to ask the GGZ if they were aware “something was up”.

Around 2009 my psychiatrist had me perform an IQ test. Apart from IQ the results showed that my working memory was fine, but I scored poorly on the questions that are a problem for people with autism. So I never had a psychosis but blackouts and anxiety attacks instead, because of too much change.

Around 2011 my case manager informed me that the ‘Jesus’ stuff wasn’t considered a problem anymore by the psychiatrists.

Third psychiatrist:

I sent him an e-mail with a link to an article I had written for called: “The Holy city of Karachi.”.

He said it was: “Entirely rational.”. I said  I had moved the hajj to Istanbul, because if I would ever travel somewhere (I won’t) it would be Istanbul. My psychiatrist wholeheartedly agreed.

I went to a smaller organisation for a bit and the psychiatrist there said she understood I wanted to make a more “peaceful world” with a “friendlier quran translation” but she was worried about my stress levels.

I told my fourth psychiatrist: “If I am to reform islam, people will have to fear me.”. He replied: “Of course, otherwise they won’t do what you say.”.

He referred me back to my GP, with the note that I was not crazy, a few years ago.

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